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Chinese Social Service Center

How can we help?

Our Chinese Social Service Center offers the following services and activities to our seniors, children and families:


The Chinese Social Service Center is a community-based Nonprofit organization committed to support Cultural and Social Adjustment of Chinese Americans, citizens and noncitizens,  in Minnesota.
  • Social Security, SSI
  • Medicare, Medical Assistance, MN Care
  • Public Housing
  • Child care assistance
  • school information, Headstart, and WIC
  • Parenting Skills
  • Employment referral
  • Immigration
  • Problem gambling
  • Psychological counseling
  • Translation
  • Transportation


The Chinese Social Service Center is the primary source of social, cultural, and community services for Chinese Americans in Minnesota.
公民英语班将要在9月13日开课。上课时间12:30到2:30. 9月份开课两次,第二次上课是9月30日。10月份开课两次。上课地点在华夏中文学校。地址是:8025 School Road, Eden Prairie MN 55434。由孙科霞老师讲授。联系电话:612-412-3503。Email:[email protected]