Building bridge between Chinese and American Cultures
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CSSC is an agency which serves as a bridge between American mainstream society and the Chinese Community. While helping newly arrived Chinese become established, we also create opportunities which foster a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and the contributions of new arrivals. 
CSSC also wants to enhance mutual understanding between all cultural groups and we are a resource which provides information to policymakers and legislators, regarding the concerns and needs of the Chinese community.  CSSC is one of the few non-profit social service agencies focusing on such needs, and we address issues and concerns not sufficiently met by mainstream American institutions.
Although our primary focus is to serve as a supportive resource for newly arrived Chinese families, we provide opportunities for both Chinese and mainstream Americans to work together as volunteers at CSSC.  Further, we encourage Chinese immigrants – adults, youth, and seniors – to become involved in the wealth of volunteer opportunities, available to them as new Americans, living in Minnesota.