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Senior Programs
The Senior Programs provides an opportunity for Chinese seniors to socialize with each other.  It started with a group of seniors informally in 2003 and was joined with CSSC in 2005.
Since then seniors will gather together as the following time and location:
From 2005 on, senior program gathered at Hospitality Center for Chinese
1407 Cleveland Ave N. St Paul MN 55118.
From 2015, senior program start to gather every quarter on Saturday at :
1075 Arcade Street, St Paul MN 55116  from 11 a.m. to 2: 30 p.m. 


Seniors eat lunch together, sometimes listen to the informational lectures, on health, social services and legal issues, etc. They enjoy very much at the recreative activities:  Mahjiang, and other board games. They would play Pingpong, Taichi, and other exercises. Seniors look forward to the gathering every month. By socializing with other seniors, it will reduce their isolation and loneliness, preventing them from developing depression, anxiety, etc.